LCD Writing Pad

LCD writing pad

Are you planning to purchase a chalk board for your kid? When it comes to teaching alphabets and numbers, we prefer digital chalk board. Today, we are going to discuss about the features, uses and benefits of the product.

Digital chalk board is also called LCD Writing Pad. The product is imported from China. We introduced it to our baby when he was 13 months old. Having said this, we want to mention that it is a great product to educate your little champ. 

Size: 8.5 inches. 

Price: 700 + Vat 

The product has 3 parts:

1) Erase button: It is situated at the top and used to erase the writing content.

2) Writing surface: The surface is black. You can write alphabets, numbers, words and various things on the surface.

3) A plastic stylus: It works as a pen.

LCD writing pad



  • The writing pad is user-friendly. It is very light. Kids can use it easily and don’t need to press hard to write on the surface. The product does not need to be charged. 
  • It is environment-friendly. You don’t need ink and papers. The product saves 100000 pieces of paper. 
  • It is portable and can be taken out anywhere. The product is very safe for kids. 
  • The LCD display provides brighter and clearer writing. 
  • In this pad, kids can write about 100000 times.
  • Kids enjoy drawing on this LCD pad. It increases their imagination power and creativity. 
  • It is nonradiative and does not harm eyes. 


To be honest, we really recommend this LCD Writing Pad for educational purpose. It is worth buying. Please share your comments.

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