Banana Puree: Recipe with Nutritional Benefits

banana puree

Banana is one of the first foods for babies. It is easily affordable and available all over the world. We continued exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months. When our baby reached seventh month, we started giving solid food to him such as banana puree.

Banana Puree Recipe

Today, we are going to show you how to make banana puree in a simple way. 


1) small or medium size banana. It depends on age of your baby. 

2) Water (1 table spoon)


1) Peel the banana off

2) Cut the banana into small pieces

3) Mash the banana with fork.

4) Add 1 table spoon of water. Mix them well so that it tastes soft and yummy.

banana puree

Which Bananas to feed

  • Varieties of banana are available in the market, such as sagor, sabri, chini champa, kobri and bichi Kola. But we only provide sagor and chini champa banana to our baby. We also fed him sabri banana, but it caused constipation. So, we stopped giving sabri to our baby. You should always keep it in mind that sabri banana may make stool hard and cause constipation in some babies.
  • Unripe bananas cause constipation as they have lots of starch which is hard for the body to digest. So, you should provide only fully ripe yellow bananas to your baby. However, never try few days old overly ripe banana, always feed your baby fresh bananas from market.
  • Even when babies are affected with stomach diseases like diarrhea, banana is good for them. In our case, our baby had diarrhea in the 10th month. We requested our pediatrician for a new food chart, and she advised us to continue feeding bananas and 2 other fruits.

Nutrition and Benefits of Banana

 Banana contains many important nutrients, which play an important role in the development of babies. It is a great source of carbs, calories, protein, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and fibre. Fibre softens stool of babies. Potassium encourages muscle growth. But remember that unripe bananas cause constipation as they have lots of starch which is hard for the body to digest. So we suggest you to provide fully ripe yellow banana to your baby.  Here is an info-graphic on Banana Nutrition and Benefits

We would love to hear from you about your kid’s experience with banana puree. When introducing it or any other new solid food to babies, always follow the 3-day rule – Introduce 1 food at a time and wait for 3 days to check for any allergy symptoms. Looking for a full guideline about how to introduce solid food to your baby after they reach seven month? Here is our complete food-chart for a 7 month old baby.

Banana Nutrition Benefits Infographic

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