Baby Developmental Milestones from 7 to 12 months

baby crawling

Are you worried about the development of your baby? Developmental milestones are not same for every baby. Each baby develops in his or her own way. While some babies are naturally gifted and develop fast, others take time to develop. Today, we will discuss about the developmental milestones of babies (7 months-12 months).

7 months

They laugh a lot. Babies start to sit up but support is needed. They roll over from belly to back. Furthermore, your little one transfers objects from hand to hand. They become familiar with their own names by this time.

baby Roll over from belly to back

Roll over from belly to back

8 months

Our baby started having a ‘fake cough’ when he was around 8 months old. So, parents can get worried and think whether there is a problem or not. In fact, it’s not a problem. When someone coughs in front of them, they imitate it and start a ‘fake cough’. Besides, babies do this to get some attention from their parents. They listen to sounds and try to find out where the sound comes from. Your little one is strong enough to sit up without support during this time. They develop foot skills and try to pick up something with feet.

sit up

9 months

Babies start crawling and it is one of the major signs of development. They hold on to bed, chair and other furniture to stand. By this time, babies may wake up and play alone in the bed in the morning. They enjoy moving in ‘walker toys’ and crawling on the floor. However, they don’t like the same toy again and again. So, you should provide various toys to them. They may start calling their parents abba, ma and dada. During this time, they sleep 12-15 hours a day.

baby crawlingCrawling

10 months

Babies like to watch their favourite tv advertisements. Our son used to like Dettol ad very much. In addition, they become really excited when they watch their favourite songs on TV. Babies are stubborn. If they hold something, you can’t take it away from them. They enjoy nature, especially birds flying in the sky. They have great observation skills, and can see and understand if your hands point out something. Normally they sleep 12-14 hours a day.

Watching favourite tv advertisements

11 month

Babies are quite mature to accept some challenges. If you put something out of their reach, they chase and try to grab it. If you hide something under a pillow in front of them, they try to find it out. They enjoy playing with parents. Our baby started teething when he was 11 months old. During this time, babies hold on to bed to walk and can move from one side to another with the support of a bed. Moreover, they can climb up a bed with some little support from parents.

smiling baby showing primary teeth teething

12 months

Initially babies can stand for 4-5 seconds without support. But, they can stand for 20-30 seconds in the middle of the 12th month. In this period of time, babies reach emotional milestones. They start kissing their parents and show other affectionate behaviours. Moreover, they cry if their mother leaves the room and goes out. They try to comb their hair and it is fun to watch this. Your little one can come down to the floor from bed without support. One of the biggest milestones is walking, and our baby started walking 2-3 steps in the last week of this month . They try to speak new words.

baby walkingwalking

We have given babies’ average  weight and height in the following 1 

Average Baby Weight (7 months-12 months)

7 Months

8.3 kg

7.6 kg
8 Months8.6 kg7.9 kg
9 Months8.9 kg8.2 kg
10 Months9.2 kg8.5 kg
11 Months9.4 kg8.7 kg
12 Months9.6 kg8.9 kg

Average Baby Height (7 months-12 months)

7 Months27 1/4 in26 1/2 in
8 Months27 3/4 in27 in
9 Months28 1/4 in27 1/2 in
10 Months28 3/4 in28 in
11 Months29 1/4 in28 1/2 in
12 Months29 3/4 in29 in

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