Baby Developmental Milestones from 13 to 15 months

Congratulations on your toddler’s first birthday! It was a very big milestone in your kid’s life. We have discussed the developmental milestones of toddlers (13 months-15 months) in the following. Having said this, we want to say that all the babies develop differently. There is no fixed guideline regarding developmental milestones. 

13 Months:

Motor skill milestones: In the 13th month, toddlers run a few steps and fall. They don’t need any support to get up after they fall on the floor. Most of the parents get scared of it and try to help their kids to get up. But we never did it. Rather, we let our baby stand up alone from the floor. It increases the confidence level of kids and makes them physically strong. 

Toddlers develop unique motor skills and can dance with their parents while watching songs on television. They don’t like to stay in bed. Rather, they want to walk and play on the floor. Our baby used to throw toys and various things on the floor and he enjoyed it. It was really fun to watch him doing these things. Babies may slap on faces and laugh. 

Sleep pattern: Normally they take 2 naps and sleep 12-14 hours per day. 

Physical developmental milestones: Genetic factors, foods, environment, nationality, and exercise play an important role in deciding the height of children. Height of our baby was 29.1 inches in the 13th month.  His weight was 9.9 kg. 

Toddlers play on floor

14 months:

Play developmental milestones: Our son started playing physical games, such as football.  Toddlers’ legs are not solid enough to kick the hard balls by this time. Therefore, we purchased a soft rubber ball for him. Kids enjoy playing outside and maintain eye contact during play time. Moreover, they like to play with new toys. 

Motor skills: They squat to pick up things from the floor. 

Cognitive milestones: They also help in household chores. Toddlers imitate their parents and may clean the floor with a piece of cloth. In addition, they can also put their toys into a toy box.  

They are curious and like to learn new things. They like to explore nature. Our baby liked the flashcards. These flashcards contain colorful images of various animals and fruits. You should teach them about different body parts, such as nose, head, eyes, legs, etc. Your baby will be able to point out to her nose when you ask.  They also enjoy bath time. 

Pee pattern: They pee 8-10 times every day. 

Communication and language milestones: Our son pronounced a new word, such as ‘Shesh’. In English, shesh means ‘finish’. He used to say ‘shesh’ after finishing a meal. 

Bonding with parents: Babies are very sensitive. They don’t go close to other people except for their parents and close relatives. 

Physical: Our son was 29.5 inches tall and had 6 teeth in the 14th month. 

Toddlers squat to pick up things

Family Playing with soccer ball

Play Football

15 months:

Emotional Milestones: Some emotional milestones take place during this time. Shouting to children is not good. Once we shouted to our son and he was hurt. Toddlers can understand everything at this time.  So, please don’t shout to your kids. 

Language: Their brain is very sharp and can catch new words within a day. We taught many words to our baby. Our son was able to learn 50 English words by this time. He could not speak but could recognize the pictures printed in the flashcards. Toddlers at this stage can say a few words, such as baba and mama. But they recognize the names of all the family members. 

Cognitive: Our toddler used to point out to his shoe before we took him out for a morning walk. 

By this time, toddlers help with getting dressed/undressed. They follow simple commands, such as ‘open the door’, ‘kick the ball, ‘don’t do it’, ‘give it to me’, ‘let’s go outside’ etc. They can hold and drink from a cup. Their high level of curiosity drives them to explore every corner of the house. 

Motor skill milestones: They can climb up on the bed without support. Pulling heavy objects is an amazing motor activity. Toddlers can pull heavy things, such as plastic chairs, tables etc. 

Physical: Our son had 7 teeth during this time and used to pee 8-10 times per day. His height was 30 inches. 

Sleep pattern: Normally babies sleep 11-14 hours per day.

They pull heavy things

Average weight of toddlers (source)

AgeToddler girlToddler boy 
13 months9.5 kg9.9 kg
14 months9.7 kg10.1 kg
15 months9.9 kg10.3 kg

Average Height of toddlers (source)

AgeToddler girlToddler boy 
13 months29.6’’30.3’’
14 months 30.1’’30.7’’
15 months30.6’’31.2’’

How can you improve your toddler’s development?

  • Let them run on the floor freely. Don’t be overprotective. 
  • Ensure that your toddler gets enough sleep every day. 
  • Encourage your kid to play physical games, such as football.
  • Give them new creative toys.
  • Encourage them to help in household chores.
  • Bring them closer to nature. 
  • Teach them new words every week.
  • Never shout to kids.
  • Encourage them to follow simple commands. 
  • Ensure a balanced diet. 

Our son’s height was a little bit lower than the average height of children. Each baby is unique, and develops in his or her own way. So, never worry regarding your toddler’s milestones.

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