Apple Puree Recipe and Benefits

Bowl with Apple Puree on Wooden Background

We believe that apples are one of the top fruits for kids. The scientific name of apple is Malus Domestica. This delicious fruit is not grown in our country. Bangladesh imports apples from New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, India, and China. There is an English-language proverb that says, ‘An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away’. It was devised in 1913.

Apple Puree Recipe


  • One half apple
  • Water 


  • Wash and peel your apple.
  • Cut the apple into several pieces.
  • Boil the pieces in little bit of water for 10 minutes.
  •  Wait until the pieces become soft.
  • Blend it. 
Bowl with Apple Puree on Wooden Background

There are huge varieties of apples available in the market: Fuji, Gala, Golden, Granny Smith etc. Golden apple is imported from South Africa and it is really tasty. All of these apples are very nutritious and delicious. You can purchase any type of apple. When it comes to apple puree, we prefer golden apple for its texture, color, and flavor. The fruit contains important nutrients, which boost the immune system of your babies.


Facts of medium-sized apple (100g):(Source)

Protein0.3 g
Sugar10.4 g
Fiber2.4 g
Fat0.2 g
Vitamin C4.6 mg

Composition of nutrients in an apple


Weight Management:

Fiber found in apples plays an important role in weight management of babies.

Bone Health:

Apple contains important minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals improve the bone health of kids. The fruit also contains a mineral called boron. Boron strengthens bones and develops muscles of kids.

Asthma and wheezing:

Apple prevents asthma and wheezing in kids. According to this research, children of mothers who consumed apples regularly while they were pregnant were much less likely to suffer from asthma or wheezing by age 5 than those whose mothers rarely ate apples during pregnancy

Provides Energy:

Apple contains fructose and glucose. These carbohydrates play a great role in providing energy to children. We feed our baby apple before we let him play football, and it provides instant energy.

Constipation and Diarrhea:

Apple contains soluble fiber called pectin, which prevents constipation in babies. Pectin also controls diarrhea and other stomach disorders. Our baby had diarrhea in the 10th month. We requested our pediatrician for a new food chart, and she advised us to feed apples to our baby.

Keeps Stomachs Full:

Dietary fibers found in apples make stomachs full for a long period of time. After eating an apple, our son can go for several hours without any food.

Heart Health:

Apples lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and improve heart health. Apple contains fiber, which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Lung Health:

Apple is very good for lung health. Flavonoids found in apples reduce risk of lung cancer (source).


Apple reduces risk of various cancers, such as lung, mouth, digestive tract and bowel.

Brain Health:

The fruit improves brain health and prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Some researchers studied the dietary intake of 8,399 participants. Among the participants, 9% (753) were apple eaters and 91% (7,646) were non-apple eaters. 

The apple eaters showed higher educational attainment than non-apple eaters did (source)

Apple puree can be introduced to babies at 6th month of age. 

How Apple prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Finally, we can say that apple is a super fruit. You should provide this nutritious fruit to your kid regularly. Please share your comments.

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