5 nutrients that help your child to fight off coronavirus

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that has killed 2.72 million people all over the world. In Bangladesh, 574000 people were infected by coronavirus (till 23rd March, 2021) and 8720 people died.

But the sad news is that still, we have not got a proper solution to this problem. There is no vaccine or medicine which can prevent Covid 19. What you can do is boost the immunity of your child to fight off coronavirus.

A perfect food chart plays an important role in boosting the immunity of your little champ. We have food charts for 7 months – 1 year old babies on our blog. Here is a list of foods that can help your kid to fight off the disease:

These nutrients play a great role in helping children to fight off coronavirus. We have also discussed 12 ways to protect your kids from coronavirus on our blog.


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